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Sharing Christ's Hopeful View



43 13th Avenue, Inman, Kansas

 Join us on Sundays!

9:00am Coffee/Fellowship

9:30am Sunday School

10:30am Worship Service

April 7, 2024 

Hearts 4 Him,

a gospel ensemble, performed.

Watch video here:

Celebrating  150  years 
of  a  Hopeful  View
August  31 - September  1,  2024


WHO    WE    ARE

Pronounced: Hoff-nung-sow

It's a German phrase meaning "Hopeful View".

We are traditionally and historically a Mennonite Church started by German Mennonite immigrants. Our ancestors were a part of the Anabaptist movement, and settled in the middle of everywhere, excited by their view of hope. 

Today, our congregation continues to worship in the same location with a combination of traditional Mennonite hymns and modern contemporary music. We welcome anyone who wants to learn more about Christ's Hopeful View, and believes all people are children of Christ. 

We are determined to be people of God's Mission through worship, fellowship, and service.

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Worship  Services 
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